Hawaii Artists Collaboration.

Video by Matt Lovin

There is no better way for artists to grow than to come together to live, work and share via the collaboration experience. Modeled after the Emma Collaboration in Saskatchewan Canada, the Hawaii Artist Collaboration was held in October 2011 in Holualoa. The original concept of 15 to 20 participants grew to 30 artists representing 14 different media. The original plan for a 3 day event eased into 4. ( Day three actually ran about 46 hours long) We worked out of a fine pile of junk and baling wire and produced 58 pieces of art.

A 3 week exhibition of the work followed at Holualoa galleries to introduce the idea and the genre to the community. We then held a no reserve, free wine, beer, food, party/auction at the Holualoa Inn and raised a pile of dough that will be used as seed money for the next event. The large vision is that this 'mini' will be an annual event and that we will work towards a larger bi annual international and multicultural gathering that will bring together indigenous and contemporary master artists and craftsmen, teachers, and promising students,, to cross pollinate and inspire one another.

This event works because it is sharing experience at the master / kupuna level. One tends to become isolated in one’s specialty and the collaboration process brings out all that we have in common combined with the insights that come from a lifetime of focus. You are encouraged to work outside your medium, to experiment, and to play. There are no rules and but one instruction... GO!
This experience has been described by lifetime artists as "the best thing that has ever happened to me"

The event is invitational. Persons interested in attending can contact our administrator. Because we are looking for a blend of media, islands, internationals, and scholarship students, and because the space is limited, we cannot accommodate all requests but fully intend to make this experience grow and will keep working on that. We fully reserve a little slack here.

The collab family is already having an effect. Blacksmiths, Jewelers, furniture makers etc. are all in touch and working together on commissions and experiments and events. The growing collab network will be a valuable resource for our entire community as it will bring artists who believe in sharing their wealth of experience here to the islands.

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